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    Spend less time chasing contacts and more time winning jobs. Let BidClerk lead the way.

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    With the most powerful search capabilities in the industry, finding the right project has never been easier.

  • Manage resources.

    BidClerk's integrated tools allow you to track projects and contacts, store notes, and receive automatic project updates.

  • Do it for less.

    With the best leads at the best price, you can do it all for much less than the competition.

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Powerful tools to help you find work faster.


Let the leads come to you with BidAlerts. Our BidAlerts feature allows you to set up custom saved searches based on your own criteria and receive email alerts with the latest results. You'll always be up-to-date on project development even when you're on the road.

Powerful Analytics

BidClerk has powerful, built-in tools that provide clear market trends for the manufacturing, supply and construction industries. Create stunning graphical indicators of where the jobs are in your coverage area with a click of the mouse. With BidClerk's state-of-the-art analytics suite, you'll know where your company stands with the click of a button.

BidClerk Directories

Market your company directly through BidClerk! With BidClerk Directories, your profile information is delivered to key decision makers on projects you are interested in. Easily network and increase your exposure through our automated marketing system.

Searchable Documents

BidClerk has the fastest most comprehensive search functionality in the industry! We can deliver a result whether searching for companies, products, competitors or general information, in a matter of seconds. BidClerk allows you to search project documents including plans, specifications and addendums.

Efficiency in bidding allows focus on what really matters: the work.

"Your firm's ability to capture projects early in the design phase provides us timely knowledge of projects so we can bring them to our dealers often before they even know about them. Access to comprehensive information and communication through Architect Direct has also proved itself to be extremely valuable, as has the consultation your sales staff has provided in helping us set up an effective architectural sales program. I know other manufacturers would benefit greatly from your services and professionalism."

Douglas Cook
Sales & Marketing Manager
Thermo-Tech Windows & Doors - Saulk Rapids, MN

"I want to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with BidClerk. Prior to using your service we were using another larger service whose information always seemed to be old and the product was not the easiest interface to work with...BidClerk, however, is significantly easier to use, the information is more current, and the customer service is outstanding. I would recommend BidClerk to anyone who is looking for a solid reliable lead service."

Alan DeToma
Director of Business Development
Delphi Construction, Inc. - Waltham, MA

"We did a comprehensive analysis of BidClerk and other providers and determined that BidClerk had excellent data and contacts as well as an easier to use, state of the art platform. Since subscribing to BidClerk we have found their knowledgeable and responsive customer service to be second to none...BidClerk's built-in marketing program has helped us reach architects in the planning stages to improve our specification share....I highly recommend BidClerk over all construction information providers."

John Selig
Marketing Manager
ASI Signage Innovations - Dallas, TX

This feature is available to subscribers only.

Learn more about the products and features available on BidClerk.

to access complete details on 1000's of projects, companies & contacts in your area updated daily.

This feature is available to subscribers only.

Learn more about the products and features available on BidClerk.

to access complete details on 1000's of projects in your area updated daily.

Designed specifically with your company's CRM system in mind, you can now download the best construction data on the web into a conveniently packaged file to import into your database. Organizing your sales team has never been easier!

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Using BidClerk's exclusive, state-of-the-art character recognition technology, you can now search through more than 100,000 files to find your product or trade with pinpoint accuracy. No other service provides as powerful a tool in creating a competitive edge for your company! Simply enter your product or trade and immediately target the projects that fit your company's needs.

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Access to more than 100,000 project documents including architectural drawings, specification manuals, addendums and much more!

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All BidClerk Contractor Edition accounts include 100 daily industry leads. Expand your coverage by increasing your daily access!

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Expand your access to BidClerk's industry leading tools and features by purchasing additional states. Grow your business by increasing your coverage area by taking advantage of the best dollar-for-dollar construction leads in the industry! All Contractor Edition plans include up to 3 states at no additional cost.

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